Nivea case study essay

Thursday, 19 November 2015.

People will mark the knowledge, level of knowledge and services of individuals working in the company, as they help to get the firm out of their problems. In most cases, customers will decide on products and services and their delivery, depending on the company’s representatives. In this case, the employees of the company should have knowledge of the services and outstanding skills of interpersonal interaction in order to present the quality service. They also need the ability to choose, recruit and retain the right staff with excellent skills and abilities. Consumers purchase products either for use or for resale. In this case, consumers are adolescent women and mothers who purchase goods for their daughters, who share a common way of life and relationship.  They buy goods from other friends who buy other goods from groceries

This is true when a business operates in accordance with the tastes and preferences of the customers in the market. For Nivea, it seeks to meet the needs of its customers through innovative products. It solves the lifestyle of its customers, making them comfortable for the consumer. Consumer business always improves current products and introduces new products to meet customer demand. Over the past years, Nivey has met the needs of its clients in cosmesivity, offering value at the expense of quality products. Thus, Nivea, a company headed by a customer

The marketing mixture includes understanding of the market as to what customers want, how they will use

After you have been informed about the product, the second step is pricing. The cost of the product is the value that maximizes profit from business profit and guarantees the amount of money for customers. It is very important for the company to provide customers with high quality products worth worth. In addition, if your customers are sensitive to the price, it may lead to a small percentage of the price of a higher market share or a slight increase in profits. Moreover, the company should consider discounts and compare prices with other market players. Too high prices of alienating customers, while too low prices attract losses. Price is the key, because each product needs a price tag before entering the market. With the help of a price, the company gains profit or losses

The advertising program is the choice of time and place to send marketing messages to the target market. The advertising program is usually carried out through advertising in print or electronic media, on the Internet, in advertising boards and in PR strategies. Among other things, the firm determines how competitors in the market reach their target audience, the best time of promotion, and the identification of any environmental problems that can determine the timing of the promotion. Promotion makes the product competitive in the market, as it determines the availability of the product. Promotion further ensures that the product is on the right destination market

A place where clients will find the product. Would they be visiting the Internet or a physical shop? How will they gain access to distribution channels? Determine the trade force requirement and define the activities of the competitors and their locations. Determining the most appropriate sales point is paramount. After the company has defined a product, price, and price, it meets the needs of the customers in a particular location

In order for the company to make new products, it needs to know the market, collect and collect important data from customers. Nivea Visage Young uses a variety of pricing methods for product pricing. They include the cost that covers the cost, the cost of penetration, which stimulates buyers to buy and sell prices, which guarantees high profits to the company. To visit the site, Nivea Visage Young uses a number of distribution channels, such as retail outlets, where customers receive skin care products. The company also sells its products in large street shops, mainly for young people and mothers. It uses various advertising strategies such as direct mail, consumer business, branding and public relations. It uses sample products for customers and has an online store to distribute its brand to young women. The most powerful point is the use of the Internet to reach young women, because this category of people uses the Internet lot. As a result, the target group can know more about the available products

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